Roadside service FAQ

Q. I locked my car keys in side my car, what do I do next?

A. First check all the door and windows to try to gain access in to the car, don't forget to check sunroof. If there is no access to interior to reach your keys, call Local Roadside Assistance for a service.

Q. My car is making a click click click sound when I try to start the engine, what is the problem?

A. There might be two problems, your battery is low or your starter is broken. Turn on your headlights and check if they are dimmer and less bright than usual, if so that means your battery is low and your car needs a jump start. Call your friend with jumper cables or contact San Diego Roadside service company for help.

Q. My car has a flat tire and there are no emergency tool kit to change a spare tire, who do I call for help?

A. Call 619-800-1811 for flat tire service in San Diego. If your vehicle is disable on the freeway in San Diego County call 511 for freeway patrol service.

Q. How much does it cost to get the keys out of the locked car?

A. Service Call Fee is $65 during normal business hours. Holiday and late night rates may vary.

Q. How long does do I have to wait for service technician to arrive?

A. Our average ETA is 20-30 minutes.

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