Battery warning light

Battery light on dash San Diego Service

Instrument Panel Cluster battery warning light.


There are about fifteen warning lights on average instrument cluster in most modern vehicles. Warning symbols like check engine light, air bag warning light, battery symbol, low motor oil light, ABS brakes, low fuel and others.

A lot of people think that red battery symbol on their dashboard lets them know that it is time to replace car battery. I have found about it after meeting many people who called roadside service for their dead battery and ask me how it could have happened. That their battery light did not come on and there was no warning, so why the car is completely dead.

The real function for battery warning light is to inform the driver about charging system problem or failure. Vehicle charging system is an electrical system responsible for keeping your cars auxiliary battery fully charged, but not overcharged to ensure maximum battery life (average 3-5 years).

Most of the time battery warning light comes on when vehicles alternator stops working and is no longer charging cars battery. In this case it is the best NOT TURN OFF the vehicle and drive immediately to auto repair station or closest dealer (if you shut your car off, battery might not have enough charge to crank over.)


If you experience dead battery, or left the lights on and can not start please call San Diego Towing Service Company for dead battery jump. 

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