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Essential Roadside Services At Your Location

Running into minor car problems is always unexpected, and sometimes it may feel helpless getting vehicle working again. For roadside emergencies like flat tire, dead battery, running our of gas or accidentally getting car keys locked inside - call San Diego Roadside Assistance. Our roadside units are ready and available in all of San Diego, CA. 

Modern cars are very advanced and reliable, but not immune to road hazards. On many occasions car problems turn out to be just a minor issues that can be easily fixed by roadside assistance technician at your location. Discover the most reliable emergency road service in San Diego area.  At 24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance we work around the clock to be available 7 days a week.   

Affordable Assistance And Minor Roadside Repair In San Diego, CA 

Mobile roadside response is the fastest solution to diagnose and fix most minor car issues . When not sure what is going on with your car or it's not starting give us a call.  We answer all calls live and offer viable solution to your car problems.  24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance will help you with minor road service issues. 

If you locked your keys inside your car, or left them in the trunk area. Our car lockout experts  will unlock your door and get them out safely. Using high-tech automotive lockout  techniques and access tools, the car unlocking process is streamlines  without any  signs or damage to your car door or window seals.

When car sounds like it's trying to start, but wouldn't turn over all the way, or perhaps car lights or radio drained your battery by accident.  Dead battery jump start - it's what we do best. We'll charge your car battery and get you going. Our roadside technician will test your battery and alternator on-site, so you could take off feeling confident about your car.  

Road debris and other hazards  often could cause complete tire blowout on the road or local tire puncture in a parking lot. If you need help putting the "doughnut" tire on, or removing tight wheel nuts and lug nuts - give us a call. Yes we can change your flat tire, repair tire puncture, or inflate low tire. We  have all necessary tools to complete the job. Nearest flat tire service is available 7 days a week.

Running out of gas may feel awkward, but with todays gas prices we totally understand that drivers try to stretch gas mileage. If you are having the worst day and you ran out of gas - we will bring you couple gallons of fuel, fast.

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We Cover All San Diego - Dependable Roadside Service When You Need It 

Locals and visitors appreciate San Diego for what it has to offer. If you are visiting Americas Finest City, you will be in awe of the countless number of city attractions available to visit. World famous San Diego Zoo is just a short walk from Balboa Park. Multiple world class museums and gardens are located in this centrally located San Diego cultural park.  In addition to local attractions like Sea World, Seaport Village and La Jolla Cove - San Diego is home for multiple prestige academic universities like San Diego State University (SDSU), UC San Diego (UCSD) and (USD) University San Diego.  

Living in working in San Diego does get "same old same old" with 5 o'clock traffic and daily grind, but an occasional bike ride around mission way or a leisurely walk on the beach near Hotel del Coronado and you are quickly reminded how lucky we are to live and work in hometown like San Diego. 

At 24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance we are dedicated to assist all drivers visiting, living and working in San Diego. Whether you just landed at San Diego International Airport or shopping at Fashion Valley Mall, one of our tow trucks are near by to arrive quickly in case you would require battery boost or retrieve car keys from inside of locked car. 

We'll gladly accommodate you in most San Diego locations, including Naval Base San Diego, MCAS Miramar and Naval Air Station North Island. Also south San Diego locations like San Ysidro, Otay Mesa and CBX. For roadside and tow truck services call (619) 800-1811.

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Licensed San Diego Roadside Support - Avoid Online Scam Call Centers

There has been a recent increase in third party online call center acting as auto insurance roadside service contractors. Many drivers were advised incorrectly about insurance claim reimbursement limits and were overcharged while stranded in unfortunate situation.  

An upfront trip fee or service call fee may be required by many online directories in order to get roadside service to you.  We would recommend to avoid giving out your credit card over the phone to unscrupulous individuals.  

Local tow companies issued San Diego Business Tax Certificate are your best choice to get fast and reliable roadside service. At 24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance we never charge trip fee, service fee or any other hidden fees. You only to pay for the services you receive and we never demand payment in advance. Honesty and simplicity are signs of great, customer focused, local company with integrity.

24-7 Car Unlocking And Road Side Assistance In San Diego, CA

Serving All San Diego , from Del Mar to  Chula Vista.  Fully licensed and insured, background checked and verified home grown San Diego business with road services available on demand.  We have been helping San Diego drivers repair car problems since 2005. Open 24 hours everyday of the week. Our affordable flat rate pricing comes with no surprises and no hidden fees. 

Specialty Roadside Services

Among basic roadside services we will gladly help you with Diesel delivery, Tire Inflation, Motorcycle Jump Start, Wheel Lock Removal, Boat and Jet ski Jump Start, Box Truck, Tractor, Semi, RV Battery Jump start

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How Much Does Roadside Assistance Cost In San Diego, CA

A reasonable price to pay for car lockout or jump start in San Diego is between $75 and $95. This is a going rate for a service during regular business hours. Prices may vary by a company, your vehicle location and time of the day. 

San Diego Towing companies vary their prices for minor roadside services by location, time of the day and complexity of the service. For example, a simple dead battery jump start at San Diego Airport for small passenger car will cost you around $75 dollars. On the other hand, jump starting a large commercial truck with dual batteries and diesel engine in more remote San Diego location could cost $90 to $150. Service prices may vary on holidays. For the best price car lockout service call San Diego Roadside Assistance. Our service is available 24 hours in all San Diego areas.  

Are you driving a newer vehicle? 

Most new cars comes with emergency roadside assistance and lockout protection already included with new vehicle warranty. General warranty coverage includes free access to a network of towing providers for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles. To get emergency assistance is pretty simple, find toll free warranty contact phone number inside owners manual and have your VIN number available. You can find specific car manufacturers  warranty toll free number for your vehicle click here.

Flatbed towing or wrecker emergency service available.

Searching for roadside assistance company near me in San Diego? 

With your smart phone in your palm, you can find and locate any service or emergency roadside provider even in the middle of the night. With 5 star rating and commitment to offer high quality safe services at affordable prices, San Diego Roadside Assistance is one of a few reliable services when it come to emergency response.     

Why You Should Call Us? 

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We service large San Diego area and surrounding cities. Our 24 hour hotline is always open (619) 800-1811

We do not use service contractors, all service calls are performed by 24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance employees. 

Proudly Family Owned and Operated since 2005.