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Common Dead Battery Jump Start Mistakes.

It seams that battery jump start in San Diego is pretty simple fix. You can get your car jump started with your neighbors’ car or a good Samaritans help. 80% percent of the time a dead battery jump start from another vehicle works well. In some cases there may be special circumstances when you can not get your car to start even with help of jumper cables. 

For those times when you need help getting your vehicles jumped ASAP, reach out to us for fast and available 24/7 professional Battery jump start service in San Diego area.

dead battery jump start san diego
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If Car Engine Does Not Start When Jump Starting, This Is Why:

This usually happens to cars with diesel engines. Big pickup trucks like Chevy Silverado heavy duty and Ford F-350, normally carry two batteries with at least 650 CCA ( cold cranking amps) each. It is possible to jump start these type of vehicles with small car and jumper cables, but it would take up to 30 min of rev the engine and charging car batteries before attempting to start.

Even the battery is fully charged, the car would not start when turning the key. When trying to start a car with bad battery connectors (battery clamps) suddenly power disappears and starter would not kick in. Check car battery terminal connectors for oxidation. Check battery clamps to make sure they are tight and not sparking when attempting to start the car.

In this case you will have to close all doors and trunk lid and perform lock / unlock procedure with your key fob. In case you don't have a remote for your alarm - locking and unlocking driver door from outside with the key will disarm factory alarm in most models. 

 There are other breakdowns that may feel like dead battery, but it is not. Failed starter if very often misdiagnosed as bad battery. If when turning ignition key there is no sound or just sudden click and your lights in the car are not dim or do not dim when you try to start. It is most likely your car starter have failed. In this case you need to tow the vehicle. There is no other way to start the engine. 

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