San Diego city impound

Car Impounded in San Diego

If you parked your car in San Diego on city property and when you returned your vehicle is nowhere is to be found? In city of San Diego there is a big chance that your car got towed away and impounded by the city.

There are several laws and regulations that allow vehicles to be towed and impounded of the city property.

Monies owed for parking tickets. If your vehicle has five or more outstanding (unpaid) parking citations it may be towed away even if at that moment is parked properly and not in violation.

Expired registration. Vehicles with tags and registration expired over six months may be impounded if found on city property.

Long term parking. Street parking is allowed up to maximum of 72 hours ( 3 days), if you have left your car sitting for longer than 72 hours on city street it may be towed and impounded.

In violation of posted signs. I you park in no parking zone marked with temporary or permanent signs, the car can me towed and impounded.

Not registered cars. If vehicle is parked illegally and has no proper registration (no plates) it may be impounded and fined.

Blocking a driveway. If you parked your car and blocked private driveway, if complaint has been registered, the city has a right to impound your vehicle.

No parking in carpool lane.

Cars parked in a crazy manner. All vehicles parked in a hazardous manner, affecting of obstructing the regular flow of traffic will be towed away.

How to find out if car was towed

If you can not locate your car first call city of San Diego or San Diego Police department to check if your vehicle has been impounded and where it is stored. Remember storage fees add up by the day. Average impound fee is $450 and average storage fee is $45/day.

San Diego city 24h phone line (619) 531-2000, 24 hours a day. For minor roadside assistance San Diego 24h line (619) 800-1811.