Tire Puncture Repair

Mobile Tire Patch Service In San Diego, CA

Low tire pressure warning light means that one of the tires is bellow recommended safe tire pressure. Loss of tire pressure could be caused by a tire puncture, a nail stuck in the tire, leaky air valve or even changes in outside temperature. It is worrisome to continue driving with low tire warning. If you take precaution and inspect tire tread you could avoid new tire expense and save your tire with tire patch.

Remove Nail From Tire Repair

When tire looks low, low tire warning is on or you hear ticking sound when driving slowly - there could be a puncture in your tire and a nail or a screw still stuck in the tire tread. 

When puncture happens and the element that penetrated your tire is still stuck in it, it keeps the hole plugged and sealed. There's usually a small air leak, but in emergency situation you could drive to the nearest tire shop and get tire repaired. 

If you are going to remove nail from the tire, be prepared to deal tire going completely flat, where you will have to patch it and inflate it.  

Flat Tire At Home

Simple flat tire repairs could be completed at home. When tire damage is not severe and the puncture is within the tire tread the tire could be repaired safely. In most cases flat tire is swapped out with a temporary spare tire, and you are safe to drive. If your vehicle does not have a spare tire or you are in situation where new tire isn't available, repairing and plugging the tire is one of the options to seal the puncture safely.  

In most cases if only a tire patch is needed, we can fix your tire at location and you'll be able to start driving immediately.  

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Main Types Of Tire Repair

Tire damage is very random and flat tire could happen for many reasons. There are several types of tire repair: 

According to the NHTSA, a combination repair when tire plug is used to fill the void in tire tread, sealing it from moisture and a patch is bonded on the inside of the tire is the only type of tire repair acceptable and safe.

Some Tire Damage Is Not Repairable

In these cases tire shop or mobile tire repair will recommend replacing complete tire and tire patching is not safe and not feasible. When vehicle is missing emergency spare tire - the best option is San Diego flatbed towing the nearest open tire shop. 

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