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Car Warranty Roadside Assistance Phone Number

There are many ways you can request help when you have car trouble on the road. “Onstar” button in General Motor vehicles or “Safety Connect” in Toyota cars. It is easy if you are inside your car, but what if you are outside of your car and you are locked out. Here are manufacturer roadside assistance phone numbers for many car makes and models.

Automobile Manufacturers roadside assistance phone numbers for eligible customers:

 Acura roadside assistance phone number  (800) 594-8500

Audi roadside assistance phone number  (800) 433-4247

Buick roadside assistance phone number  (800) 252-1112

BMW roadside assistance phone number  (800) 831-1117

Cadillac roadside assistance phone number (800) 882-1112

Caterpillar 1 (800) 447-4986

Chevrolet roadside assistance phone number (800) 243-8872

Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep roadside assistance phone number  (800) 521-2779

Ford roadside assistance phone number  (800) 241-3673

Freightliner 1 (800) 385-4357

GMC roadside assistance phone number  (800) 223-7799

GMC 1 (800) 462-8782

Honda roadside assistance phone number  (800) 554-9876

Hyundai roadside assistance phone number  (800) 243-7766

Hummer 1 (866) 486-6376

Isuzu 1 (800) 862-4389

Jaguar roadside assistance phone number  (800) 452-4827

Kia roadside assistance phone number  (800) 333-4542

Lincoln / Mercury roadside assistance phone number  (800) 521-4140

Mazda roadside assistance phone number  (800) 866-1998

Mercedes roadside assistance phone number  (800) 222-0100

Mitsubishi roadside assistance phone number  (800) 999-7007

National Auto Club 1 (866) 329-3471

Nissan roadside assistance phone number  (800) 225-2476 (800) 225-2476

PEP Boys 1 (800) 737-2697

Pontiac 1 (800) 762-3743

Porsche roadside assistance phone number  (800) 545-8039

Saab roadside assistance phone number  : (800) 852-9001

Subaru roadside assistance phone number  : (800) 782-2783

Toyota roadside assistance phone number  : (800) 444-4195

Volkswagen roadside assistance phone number  (800) 423-3964

Volvo roadside assistance phone number  (800) 638-6586

Looking for local towing company to provide service faster? 

We are San Diego Roadside Service company responding to local roadside emergency calls like flat tire, dead battery assistance or vehicle lockouts. Call (619) 800-1811, average arrival time is 20 to 35 minutes. 


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Roadside Assistance Phone Number For Car Manufacturer Warranty

A majority of new vehicle warranties will cover the cost of vehicle rental and/or expense reimbursement during the specified warranty period. In most situations, this is true when the repair work is covered under warranty and the vehicle has to stay for an extended period of time. Please be advised that services can vary by dealer, and, of course, manufacturer. For specific terms and conditions, please refer to the vehicle owners’ manual pertaining to customer assistance and/or contact your Roadside Assistance adviser. See below for an overview of manufacturer coverage, and contact information.


General Motors 24/7 Roadside Assistance provides the following services during their new vehicle limited warranty period, which is five years/100,000 miles (light-duty vehicles ONLY):

Emergency Towing (to closest dealer from a legal roadway)

Flat Tire Changes (spare installed)

Fuel Delivery ($5 worth of fuel delivered on the road)

Jump Starts (at home or on the road)

Lockout Service (keys locked inside vehicle)


Ford's 24/7 Roadside Assistance San Diego providers the following services during the first five years or 60,000 miles:

Emergency Towing (to closest dealer from a legal roadway)

Flat Tire Changes (spare installed)

Fuel Delivery ($5 worth of fuel delivered on the road)

Jump Starts (at home or on the road)

Lockout Service (keys locked inside vehicle)


Chrysler LLC 24/7 Towing Assistance covers all current model Chrysler, Dodge, and jeep cars and light trucks sold with the new vehicle three year/60,000 mile limited warranty. For additional questions pertaining to coverage on one of these vehicles, refer to your owners’ manual and/or contact the manufacturer directly.


A roadside assistance customer service representative will contact a local service provider to get help as quickly as possible. This service is available throughout the 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Canada. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), make/model, color, license plate, and current location are needed when contacting a roadside service representative.

Buick 1 (800) 252-1112Cadillac 1 (800) 882-1112Caterpillar 1 (800) 447-4986Chevy 1 (800) 243-8872Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep 1 (800) 521-2779Ford 1 (800) 241-3673Ford Canada 1 (800) 565-3673Freightliner 1 (800) 385-4357GM Canada 1 (800) 268-6800GMC 1 (800) 462-8782GMC Truck 1 (800) 862-4389Honda 1 (800) 594-7400Hummer 1 (866) 486-6376Isuzu 1 (800) 862-4389Lincoln/Mercury 1 (800) 521-4140Mack Truck 1 (800) 866-1177National Auto Club 1 (866) 329-3471Navistar (tows for 90 days) 1 (800) 448-7825Oldsmobile 1 (800) 535-6537PEP Boys 1 (800) 737-2697Pontiac 1 (800) 762-3743Saturn 1 (800) 553-6000Thomas Bus 1 (336) 822-2871Utilimaster 1 (800) 237-7806Goodyear 1 (877) 497-4869Workhorse 1 (877) 946-7731