Car Battery Jump Start

Car battery jump start in San Diego. Fastest response time when you need it the most.

Forgetting to turn off headlights or running air conditioning when parked are most common causes of a flat battery.

Parking for several hours with headlights turned on will drain even a new battery and cars battery it will have to be jump started to start working again. Draining your cars battery to the point where the amperage drops to a 100 amps or less, does not damage it if battery is fully recharged immediately and does not sit empty for extended periods of time.

After getting your car jumped, let the engine idle for 30 minutes and alternator will charge battery to a sufficient level.


We also provide Hybrid battery jump start service. We can charge Toyota Hybrid models, Honda Hybrid Models, Ford Hybrid Models, Nissan Hybrids and Others. For service on dead hybrid vehicle battery call us today.

Drivers are more stressed on Rainy Days.

Driving in San Diego is a pure excitement and pleasure.Gorgeous Pacific Coast and mountain views makes every drive in this city a scenic adventure. Sunny and warm weather conditions makes our roadways safer when compared to driving conditions in more wet climates.

Rain and fog distracts drivers. In San Diego there aren't many rainy days. So when it rains it is very stressful and unusual event on our streets and freeways. In addition to congested streets and freeways, and being late to work, drivers tend to be more distracted and

forgetful. Very often we are called to provide battery jump starts due to dead battery or weak alternator.

Jump Starts for all Types of Vehicles.

Professional and experienced service you can rely on. Over the years in roadside assistance business we started many unusual vehicles like RVs, tractors, semi trucks and even boats. Your dead battery problem will be mended quickly and stress free. If you are in underground garage or in an awkward parking position with limited access to the battery, we still can help you. On every service truck we carry at least two portable battery jump starters to eliminate need for jumper cables and speed up service time.

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Don't let your cars dead battery ruin your day. We offer 24 hour battery jump start service and Emergency Roadside Assistance in San Diego and surrounding areas.