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Car Battery Jump Start Service In San Diego and Surrounding Cities. Flat Rate Dead Battery Jump for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Diesel Engines, RVs and even Semi trucks, Tractor trailers.

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You get in to your car, turn the key and - NOTHING. "What is happening?" Car would not start, no lights, no radio, nothing is working. You need a dead battery service San Diego Call (619) 800-1811 , someone who could jump start your car quickly. Most drivers will diagnose it correctly - the battery just died. You start thinking about jumper cables, where are they and who could you ask or call to come and help get the car started.

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If you are in hurry and you don't have jumper cables available on hand, Call trusted San Diego Jump Start service 619-800-1811. We work hard 24 hours everyday to help you anytime. We can help restart you your dead battery by safely providing dead battery charging service in San Diego.

Although Jump starting a car with dead battery is not a challenging task and most people will accomplish it successfully, there are some cases when you may need a helping hand from San Diego Roadside Assistance company.

Tight parking spot.

The most convenient way to jump start a dead battery with another vehicle is to park it next to disabled car and run jumper cables from one car to the other. When your battery does dead while parked in public parking lot with cars on both sides of your vehicle, jump start becomes almost impossible until neighboring car leaves. San Diego battery jump start service technicians are equipped with portable power units to provide sufficient starting power in these types of situations.

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Unsure how to connect leads.

Many car manufacturers install auxiliary batteries outside the engine bay and only provide one or two access terminals for emergency jump start. If you can not locate car battery under the hood, there is a good chance it is located in the trunk, under back seat or beneath passenger floor. Uncertain how to attach jumper cables? Call auto jump start service in San Diego.

No second vehicle or power source.

24 7 battery jump start service in San Diego will provide battery boost any time.

Not able to gain access to the vehicle

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Due to dead battery in a vehicle, all electrical systems start to malfunction or become unresponsive. You might experience trouble when trying to unlock your car with remote or use a manual key to gain access inside. In case you can not get inside your car and you remote does not work, call us for lockout and jump start service.

24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance can unlock all vehicles professionally and safely.

If you decide to attempt starting your vehicle with help from a friend or good Samaritan, here are a few safety tips. When performed incorrectly charging cars battery can cause more severe damage to your electrical / charging system. From blown main high amperage fuse to ignition system failure.

Remove keys from ignition.

Before connecting any power to dead battery always remove any keys from ignition, if it is wireless key - make sure the key is outside of the vehicle.

Turn off headlights.

Before connecting jumper cables make sure radio, headlights and even emergency blinkers are in off position, this will minimize sparking at battery terminals.

Connect positive lead to positive terminal.

This is the most important tip, be 100% sure which terminal is which. Some cars has it clearly market where it is positive and where is negative lead just like + and - . There are some models that will confuse even experienced technician when actual battery is not visible and only jump starting terminals are exposed and both are covered with same color (black) caps. Do not assume red is positive - check it.

Charge your cars battery.

It takes about 30 min of engine running time to charge vehicles battery after dead jump start. During that time it is recommended not to turn on AC radio or headlights to minimize load to alternator and maximize charging.

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