New Car Battery Installation

How do I know when my car needs a new battery?

After getting your car jumpstarted you should consider have your battery tested to figure out how well it holds the charge. If car battery is approaching three years it is recommended to change it and install a new battery for the best overall vehicle performance.  Driving with bad battery puts bigger strain on other charging system components like alternator and some relays. Also failing car batteries tend to get hotter while being charged while driving and sometime you may see visible signs of swollen battery with bulging sides. If you notice any of the following signs it is good indication that your car needs a new battery:

Is your vehicle starting slower?

Over time we get very familiar with our "daily driver" and most people can tell right away if the common sounds of the car suddenly differ or change. Sounds like tire noise when you change lanes, or suspension  sway sound when going over a dip. You may also notice slight different sound when starting the engine. If cranking sound has changed or it sounds like car has hard time starting it could be a sign of older battery loosing its charge. 

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Mobile New Battery Installation Near Me

There are several advantages of mobile new battery installation when compared to traditional way taking your vehicle to repair shop.  

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Change Car Battery At Home

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