Out Of Gas Assistance In San Diego

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Emergency fuel delivery road service in San Diego

Everyone is super busy and sometimes it can be hard to find a friend or a family member who are available to bring you fuel in emergency situation. In San Diego area you can always call our 24 hour line to request gasoline or diesel delivered to any location in city. Our drivers are always prepared to leave immediately and deliver gasoline or diesel fuel at home, in the city or on San Diego Highways. 

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Looking for someone who could bring you some gas?

You always think you can make it to the gas station, right after this last stop at the post office or grocery shopping. Most of the time you are okay and get your gas before it is all gone. Don't be hard on yourself - it happens to many drivers everyday and not only in San Diego Area. 

When you are out of gas in San Diego Call us 619-800-1811. We will quickly bring two gallons of gasoline or diesel to your location.

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Who do I call if I ran out of gas?

Just in case the unfortunate happens and you are stranded in the middle of intersections or your car would not start in the morning because it is parked on the slope, remember 24/7 Lockout roadside assistance in San Diego

We will deliver two gallons of gasoline or diesel to get your car started and running. Please keep in mind this is not a free service. If you ran out of gas on the highway during rush hour you may be helped by 511 Freeway Service Patrol. To reach freeway assistance dial 5-1-1.

Some Motorists Ran Out of Gas Such as This Man in Portland and Had to Stand in Line with a Gas Can During the Fuel Crisis in the Pacific Northwest 12/1973