Hybrid battery jump start San Diego

Hybrid battery jump start service San Diego

Hybrid Vehicle Battery jump start service

When your hybrid car doesn't start it could need just jump start or resetting battery fuse. With hybrid technology in your vehicle there are much more components that can cause it not to start. There are many more nuances that can prevent hybrid system from booting. Just like any regular car, a hybrid vehicle also has 12 volt auxiliary battery. One of the common cause preventing hybrid car from starting is low voltage in auxiliary battery. Most hybrid cars have two on-board batteries. A high voltage battery (HV battery voltage varies by model 150V-330V DC power) that is primarily purpose to power electric motor to move the vehicle and smaller 12V auxiliary battery. The smaller battery is used to power vehicle computer in initial start and to boot up all systems to activate hybrid drivetrain. Vehicle auxiliary battery is the one that can be ran down discharged and may need jump starting.

 Recharging Hybrid Vehicle Battery

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In most cases jump starting hybrid vehicle is not much different than jumping any other car. You get cars battery recharged just by connecting jumper cables from other running car. Since it is more complicated electrical system there may be need to erase any ecu memory and reset main battery by removing High Voltage fuse.  

We safely jump start hybrid vehicles. 24/7 Lockout Roadside Assistance can jump start your dead battery in any Hybrid model. Being in business for over 10 years in this industry, we helped many hybrid drivers. New hybrid cars are pretty smart vehicles, and it is not often you get a dead battery on a hybrid. Just in case you need to jump start your Hybrid Prius or Hybrid Honda, give us a call. We can jump start any hybrid battery safely.

Toyota Prius Jump Start service in San Diego. Nissan Hybrid Jump Start. Honda, Hyundai or any other vehicle, that you are not sure how to charge a battery or where to connect cables, give us a call.


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