How To Retrieve Car Keys

How to retrieve keys from locked car

"It is hard to believe, it happened to me. Really?! And it had to happen today and at this time?" Car keys got locked inside the car. The truth is, it happens to many people every day in San Diego. Car keys gets locked inside ignition, on the seat or even in the trunk with groceries. Before you call for car lockout assistance, check these tip to help you retrieve your keys from the car.

In my experience there are many occasions when customer could have gotten the keys out themselves if they would have check following access points.

Walk around your car and check all your doors, to check if any of then were not locked or shut.

Check your windows and maybe there is eve a small crack or gap where you could get a stick or hanger inside to reach your keys.

Check your sunroof - another access in to your car. On the pickup truck check back sliding vent window, maybe it is not shut completely and could be pushed to the side.

Check if trunk / hatch is not locked.

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How Car Locksmiths unlocks car door 

If you have lots of time on your hands and access to tools, you could possibly get keys out of locked car your self. In most cases when individuals try get their car door unlocked themselves, they just do more harm to the paint and weather seals resulting in extra replacement costs and expenses. At the end there is no body to blame but yourself for scratched paint. 

San Diego auto locksmith can safely gain access to locked vehicle and retrieve your keys from locked car. 

Before you damage your car, call San Diego Car unlock service for a flat rate quote. 24 hour appointment available 7 days per week.