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Wheel Lock Removal Service in San Diego

Most vehicle wheels are secured with four or five standard lug nuts holding wheel tightly secured to the hub. Lug nuts are just a standard nuts or bolts (depending on model) that can be removed with a regular socket or tire wrench with hex pattern. Some car manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, Lexus or Volkswagen install wheel locks on all four tires to prevent wheel theft. Locking wheel nut requires a special socket (key) with correct pattern to fit  the wheel lock in order to turn it in any direction. Most drivers usually keep the key for wheel locks in a glove box, a center console or together with emergency tool in the truck. 

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If you misplaced the key for your wheel locks or you purchased a used vehicle and the car already came with wheel locks on all four tires but no key - We can help you. We offer mobile wheel lock removal service in San Diego County. If you can drive to our location -  that's great if you have gotten a flat tire and need help removing locking lug nut just call us for 24 hour flat tire change service in San Diego.

Custom Locking Wheel Lug Nut Removal

If you install custom or specialty rims and tires on the vehicle there is a chance that you may have one of the lug nuts replaced by what is called wheel anti theft locking nut, or a wheel lock, locking lug nut.


Keep your wheel lock key in your car

A lot of times you don’t even know that you have a lock on your wheels. When you go to a service garage for tire replacement, shop technicians usually find the key in your car, works on your tires and put it back where they found it without bothering you about it.

When you buy a used car or you are not the first owner of the vehicle, for some reason the wheel lock key may be missing and you don’t even know about it until you get a puncture and try to change a flat tire. 

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To Remove locking lug nut without a key

To remove locking lug nut without a key is a hard task, because the lock was designed to protect the rim from removal by person who does not own a key. There are several ways people try to unscrew locking nut with the help of a hammer and chisel or by hammering a regular, just one size smaller, socket on to the nut, hoping it will slides tight enough to twist off the locking lug nut.

Call roadside assistance for help

If you stuck on the road with flat tire and you don’t have a key for your wheel lock call Roadside Assistance San Diego for help. 24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance drivers carry all specialty tools and socket to safely remove all types of wheel locks, locking lug nuts, anti-theft wheel locks and stripped / damaged bolts and nuts. (619) 800-1811

Our technicians will be able to remove flat tire and install emergency spare tire on your vehicle when other towing companies not able to.

Locking wheel nut removal San Diego is one of the services we offer. 

Apart from complicated tire change service, we offer variety of emergency services like: 

We are the best and most reliable company to call when you need professional help on the road.

Damaged, stripped tire nut removal in San Diego

If you have stuck or stripped wheel nut or locking lug nut and can not remove it, stop stressing out and call San Diego roadside service for immediate help. Our friendly technicians will be able to assist you in most cases. We come equipped with tools that are specially designed for emergency roadside jobs like thin wall sockets, wheel lock sockets and impact wrenches.

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