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Phone Plans With Included Roadside Assistance Coverage

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Many phone plans offer roadside assistance coverage as added option to your cell phone plan. Companies like Verizon and ATT, T-Mobile offers emergency coverage for your vehicle breakdowns. The typical fee or $3 - $6 is added to your monthly phone bill and it covers any vehicle that you are driving. More often the most time is wasted to scramble an insurance number for roadside assistance and insurance policy number for insurance representative. With roadside assistance from your cell phone provider you only need to have your phone with you and you will be able to request help even when all your belongings are locked inside your car or not accessible.

Does T-Mobile Offer Roadside Assistance plan?

Now customers get 5GB of high-speed data in select countries and full-flight Wi-Fi and streaming options with Go5G—along with AAA for a year on us and more great travel benefits. New Lines Only. https://www.t-mobile.com/benefits/aaa-membership-deal

What is AT&T Roadside Assistance?

The AT&T Roadside Assistance program, provided by Dominion Motor Club, is no longer available as an add-on for AT&T WIRELESSSM accounts. Service has been discontinued. https://www.att.com/support/article/wireless/KM1008830

Can You Get Roadside Assistance With Verizon Phone Plan?

Price of service $4.99 per month per line. At the time of service enrolled phone line must be present to avoid additional charges.


What Do You Get Roadside Assistance Membership Plans?

The amount of coverage you will receive from these type of plans are usually is very minimal. The phone provider coverage will pay up to $75 for towing service which would barely cover just the hook up fee for most towing companies. 

In case of a battery jump start or quick flat tire change you would be covered without any out of pocket expenses, since minor roadside assistance services are usually under $75 dollars.

Local Roadside Assistance Near Me

It is smart to have some emergency phone number saved in your phone like a number of a reputable local roadside assistance company in your town or a reliable Towing Company which answers the phone when you need it. It is very rare when you get separated from your phone and if you have car issues you don't have to franticly search internet for the nearest service available. 

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TIP: Just like you should have a contact in your cellphone that is called ICE (in case of emergency) a number of a person who you can trust in case something bad would happen to you or you would lost your phone.


You never know when you might need it.

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