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Car locksmith San Diego Service will get your keys out of the car.

It happens to a lot of people, everywhere, everyday. It even happens to tow truck drivers and roadside assistance technicians. In our busy lives with so many distractions, personal gadgets and status updates it is almost a challenge to get through all day without trouble. Leaving your keys inside locked car is not the worst thing that could happen.

Auto Locksmiths Get Locked out Too

It actually happened to me too. I have locked my car keys inside my car once. To make it more stressful I did it while I was working and staying on call to go help other folks who are in the same boat and are in need of car locksmith in San Diego.


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I think it all happened to me because of that Carl's Jr. Mushroom Burger, that I was craving all morning. 

In the parking lot of the fast food restaurant, I quickly jumped out of my service truck and slammed the door. At the same moment as the door was closing, a thoughts flashed through my mind " why is my door chime still beeping? it never does". Oh yes it happened, the door closed  and locked, and my keys were still in ignition inside. 

Find The Nearest Auto Lockout Service

Close near by, there was a parking lot by the freeway where tow truck drivers would park and wait for next dispatch. I walked over there, asked one of the technicians if he could unlock my car or let me use their tools to do it. I ended up paying $85 for car lockout in Carlsbad area. Yes it happens everyday to many people. Most Car Locksmiths in San Diego provide car unlock Service for reasonable price. Be sure to call around to get general idea what it may cost to unlock your vehicle by professional car locksmith in San Diego.

TIP: Don't panic have your San Diego roadside assistance company's number saved in your cellphone or Call 411.  


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