Auto Locksmith San Diego

Auto Locksmith San Diego CA

All new vehicles come with two sets of keys and an optional valet key. Over the life time of the car with many different owners and drivers, the keys get worn, broken or even lost. 

If you buy a used car or own a car that has only one key, you should put some thought in to getting a second ignition key. Getting a duplicate key made by Auto Locksmith San Diego is a lot less expensive, when you have an original factory ignition key with immobilizer. A duplicate key in a safe and secure place provides you a piece of mind.

A Spare car key can save the day

For these moments when you have to leave thru the door and running late, but your car keys are nowhere to be found it’s so convenient just to grab an extra set of keys and get going. A duplicate car key can save you money and time when you are in a rush. Using hide a key also eliminates the need for costly car lockout service in case you forgot your keys inside the car. Getting your car keys locked inside the car together with your cellphone and wallet could become an epic disaster. But if you are prepared and have secured an extra door key in a hiding spot on the outside body of the vehicle like under the bumper or behind the wheel well splash guard, you can avoid stress, headache and save at least $75 to $95 dollars. 

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Automotive key cutting and programming San Diego

San Diego Auto locksmith can cut a copy of your car key and program it to your ignition immobilizer. Usually it is less expensive to make a car key when you have an actual key in hand, than when your keys are lost or broken. Our mobile auto locksmith can come to you and get you back on the road. We can cut and program most makes and models. There are only a handful of models that may need to be towed to the dealer to order an key. Proof of ownership may be required.

Fast reliable mobile auto lockout service San Diego All keys, keyless entry, wireless keys, smart keys, immobilizer chipped keys we do  them all.