Tire Pressure and Tire Blow Outs

Correct Tire Pressure Saves Gas And Makes Car Safer

Keeping your tires properly inflated 32 psi – 42 psi will definitely improve your gas mileage, as the tire traction to the pavement  surface is reduced to optimum level. Checking tire pressure regularly will increase gas mileage of your vehicle and makes it safer to drive. Tire punctures does not happen often, but when you get one it is usually when you least expect it. 

Got low tire pressure warning and not sure if you can make it to the nearest gas station? Call Us for help, San Diego Roadside Assistance can deliver air and inflate a flat tire or replace it with spare tire in emergency situations. 

Flat Tyre

Flat tires and tire blow outs happens mainly for two reasons: 

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Low Tire Pressure And Excess Tire Wear Is A Potential Cause For Tire Blow-Out

Over time any car tire slowly leaks air due to natural causes like air temperature, osmosis, tire wear and damage and bead seals. It is completely normal rate for the tire pressure to drop 1-3 psi per month. It is a good practice to periodically check your tires for debris being stuck in the threads, small punctures, cracks in sidewalls and low air pressure.

Also checking tires will prevent freeway blowouts and makes your trips safer and not waste time waiting for roadside assistance San Diego to arrive.

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Driving With Nail Stuck In Tire

Many times you may have a nail or a small screw stuck in your tire and not even notice. Often when tire is punctured during driving the element which penetrated the tire actually gets well wedged in in the rubber and stays there actually sealing the hole and keeping the tire form going flat. At some point you may notice a round metal dot in your tire, if the tire is still staying inflated, do not try to pull the nail out of the tire, instead drive directly to a nearest tire shop or call help for flat tire change. In case the tire pressure is too low, attempting to drive away will cause rim to cut into the sidewall and the tire could not be salvaged.