Car Battery Start Cranking Amps

Cold Cranking Amps in Car Batteries

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After couple of dead battery jump starts you already know, that 5 year old battery under your hood gave out all the juice it could. It is time to replace your battery. There are couple battery measurements, that tell you what kind and what type of battery you need for your car.

Taking your car to the dealer is the easiest option. Dealer will install new battery according to your manufacturers recommendation. 
Do it yourselfers will go to closest auto parts store and get a battery there. For most vehicles, battery installation is not a complicated task. There are couple battery measurement you need to know and understand when purchasing the battery. 

CCA cold cranking amps is a number that tells you how much power battery can output in cold weather ( number of amps a battery can deliver at 0 ° F for 30 seconds ). As an example for small engine line 4 cylinder Honda Civic 225 CCA is plenty to start the engine in cold weather. But for larger vehicle with bigger engines you need larger capacity battery. Some diesel engine use 550 CCA batteries. Dodge Ram with diesel engine caries two 625 CCA batteries under hood.
All car batteries are 12 volt batteries, just size, shape and capacity varies from vehicle to vehicle. Most motorcycle use 12v batteries as well. 
Different battery types are used in specific applications like automotive, marine or energy storage. For more specific information about automotive and other types of batteries please visit this Basic Battery Guide.

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