Car trouble, unexpected breakdowns and repairs can seriously ruin budget for many families. In large cities like  San Diego car commute and well maintained vehicle is very important. Our cars are like our hands in a way. Have you ever felt like disabled when your car was in a repair shop and you had places to go things to pick up, but you couldn't. 
For every vehicle comes the time when just regular maintenance (lube job and filter with spark plugs) in not enough to keep the car reliable and running smooth. With higher mileage and longer use of the cars comes and need for major repairs. 

It all depends how the person feel about the car and what makes sense. Sometimes when engine repair estimate is almost half the price of the car, it is very difficult to decide what to do with this car and is  it worth to repair it and put new parts, because in near future other parts will fail.
When decision is hard to make you can always call San Diego car jump start service to find out your options about selling your car or trading it in for a newer model, or just weigh your options.