Toyota dead smart key battery start

How to start Toyota / Lexus when key fob battery is dead.
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If you find yourself not able to unlock doors with key your wireless key fob, there may be two possible options. One your cars battery has died or has been completely drained by a light or a phone charger. Second cause could be that the small battery that is inside your wireless key fob has died and when you click unlock - nothing happens. 

In both cases to get in to your car you will need to unlock driver door manually with small metal key. On some Lexus models you may have to remove a small plastic trim on driver door handle to expose the lock to insert a key. 
After you gain access to your car, first check if vehicle has power, by turning on headlights. If  nothing works then most likely you have a dead battery and just need a battery jump in San Diego

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If your headlights works but car still does not start when you push the START button, of you have a NO KEY light when trying to start, that means your wireless key battery has died and key is not being detected. In this case to start any Toyota or Lexus model you have to slide a key in to a key slot if there is one or place the key fob on the start button and hold it for a couple seconds. 
In most cases you should hear or see some kind of sound or warning that the key has been registered and you can start. If that does not work, try pushing the button with actual key fob. Your cars start button has immobilizer built in, so it can sense the key in close proximity. 

For an emergency roadside service call local roadside assistance at 619-800-1811.