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Tire Pressure and Tire Blow Outs

Correct Tire Pressure Saves Gas And Makes Car Safer

Can Not make it to the nearest gas station or air pump because your tire is too low? Call Us for help. 24-7 Lockout Roadside Assistance can deliver air and inflate a flat tire in emergency situations. 

Checking tire pressure will increase gas mileage of your vehicle and makes it safer to drive. Tire puncture does not happen often, but when you get a flat tire on your car it is usually when it’s least expected. 
Flat tires and tire blow outs happens mainly for two reasons: 

Tire being low on air because of the puncture or other reason and at high rate of speed on the highway it got hot and ruptured. 

Or the tire was very worn to the metal wires and just eventually gave up.  

It is a good practice to periodically check your tires for debris being stuck in the threads, small punctures and low air pressure in the tires.

Keeping your tires properly inflated 35psi – 40psi will definitely improve your gas mileage as the tire traction to the pavement is reduced to optimum level. 
Also checking tires will prevent freeway blowouts and makes your tips safer and not waste time waiting for roadside assistance San Diego arrival. 

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