San Diego GT Car Show January 2018

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San Diego GT Event. 

This is not your average car meet. Rare, exotic and extraordinary cars will be displayed on January 27 2018 at O’Gara Coach La Jolla Service Center. 
Gather early to see unique and limited production high performance cars that will leave you speechless.  Show hours  8am-10am. Family friendly event. 

January 27 Saturday 8am-10am
11455 Sorrento Valley Rd, San Diego, California 92121
San Diego GT cars and coffee event, powered by O'Gara La Jolla. This is an exotics only Cars and Coffee held at O'Gara La Jolla Service Center in Sorrento Valley. 
There will be food trucks, music, and some of the most exclusive hypercars all in one place. Open to the Public.

Music by DJ Chris Ryan

Food Available for Purchase
Marcel waffles San Diego
Frat Boy Donuts

Complementary Coffee
Spindrift Coffee Company

Road Service Request in San Diego

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Street Repair And Road Service in San Diego

San Diego County Road service request
For the last few years San Diego Mayors office made great calls and decisions and put lot of great effort to benefit all San Diego drivers by improving local County roads and City streets. 
When you look around the situation on inner City streets is getting noticeably better and city’s street potholes and eroded intersections are becoming a thing of the past. These improvements elevate San Diego Roadside image in the eyes of local drivers and thousands of tourists and visitors driving rental cars on city and county roadways. 

A very large number of local drivers are thankful for newly paved interstate I-5 North and CA-94 East connector. Folks, that are visiting Americas Finest City will appreciate fresh, high quality asphalt overlay on W. Hawthorn St and W. Grape street when coming or leaning San Diego international Airport Lindbergh Field. 

A newly established road service request phone line is for citizens to request roadside and road repairs.  A toll free phone number for San Diego County and unincorporated area road service request can be found at:

For emergency repairs and service request within city limits contact that city directly here .

Still, there are some road problems to be repaired and fixed, and drivers should be aware of possible damage to tire sidewalls or wheels if accidentally ran over severe objects on the roads or highways. To request 24 hour roadside service in San Diego you can call 24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance at (619) 800-1811. Prompt and reliable service providers are available to help you with unfortunate events on the road. Car unlocking in greater San Diego Area and minor roadside assistance are available to residents and visitors.

Would you buy Hybrid or Plugin Car?

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Future of the electric vehicles


Prius Hybrid energy display

We are living in the future where cars drive without sound, parallel park themselves and even change lanes or apply brakes when needed without driver input.

Most vehicle manufacturers have models with top of the line features like park assist, parking sensors and accident warning features. One of the features that is not so easy to advance is to fundamentally change vehicle propulsion mechanism and the fuel being used.

Since very beginning of the pursuit to develop alternative fuel engine began there were many ideas and many prototypes. Hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas engine and combination of multiple types like electric and gasoline. More and more car manufacturers are working on models that can drive at least some distance without producing any harmful fumes. Electric plugin and hybrid vehicles becoming more popular because of environmental factors.

At this moment Tesla Motors is leading the way in full electric vehicle progress. Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf has shorter, but still decent all electric driving range.


When you add the cost of electric vehicle and savings from spending less on gas, there is no way you can make economical sense to buy electric car.

Electric vehicle savings?

To save money on gas, you are better off to buy a 6-10 year old used hybrid car versus a new electric vehicle or plug in hybrid. Sign up for auto club membership for roadside assistance coverage and your are "golden". This brings us to the conclusion - when do people chose to purchase a electric vehicle, a part of their decision is influenced by a consideration about climate change and promoting new ways of thinking. Besides all that to drive electric car is something exciting and cool.


Until the fuel price stays below $5 for a gallon of gas, electric vehicles remains a niche cars.

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Brings Peace of Mind

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Pre Purchase Used Vehicle Inspections

When buying used vehicle the scariest thought is to buy a car that isn’t what it looks. You have two options to purchase a used vehicle. A local pre-owned car dealer, and a private car seller. If the seller is honest and trustworthy, you can just ask questions about the history of the vehicle you are interested and the condition it is in. 
On other hand, if you don’t know who you are dealing with, or just want to have a peace of mind about the car you are about to purchase, a pre purchase inspection is a great option.
When shopping for a used car it is always a good idea to get a professional opinion about the condition and history of the vehicle you are interested in. If you have a mechanic that you trust or a repair shop that you visit for maintenance, ask them about pre purchase inspection. 

Car purchase inspection should include not only history of the vehicle, but also a physical inspection of the engine and chassis components. A well trained professional who works on vehicles daily can point out vehicle defects and potential repairs needed in near future (scheduled maintenance, worn out parts). The worst case would be you getting stuck with dead battery next day after buying your car and spending money for battery jump in San Diego

Mobile pre purchase inspection services are at your convenience. Search google for mobile vehicle inspections in your city. 
Everyone would agree it is better to have a Peace of Mind, than buy a  Piece of (%@#.

Here are just basic tips anyone can use when shopping for used vehicle. There are a lot of thing you can find out about the car even if you are not a car savvy. 
Just with simple road test drive you can check car brakes, suspension and steering, lights, windows, air conditioning and heater functions.

Brake test: when driving step on brakes with your hand off the steering wheel and watch for any pulling to the side while braking. Uneven braking will pull to the side or vibrate-jerk the steering wheel.

Suspension test: listen for any rattling sounds when driving on uneven pavement or turning. Listen for unusual humming sounds when driving on higher speed.

Airbag test: When starting the vehicle, airbag indicator light should come on and turn off after a few seconds. Same goes for check engine light.

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