Road Service Request in San Diego

Post date: Jul 4, 2016 3:22:36 PM

Street Repair And Road Service in San Diego

For the last few years San Diego Mayors office made great calls and decisions and put lot of great effort to benefit all San Diego drivers by improving local County roads and City streets. 

When you look around the situation on inner City streets is getting noticeably better and city’s street potholes and eroded intersections are becoming a thing of the past. These improvements elevate San Diego Roadside image in the eyes of local drivers and thousands of tourists and visitors driving rental cars on city and county roadways. 

A very large number of local drivers are thankful for newly paved interstate I-5 North and CA-94 East connector. Folks, that are visiting Americas Finest City will appreciate fresh, high quality asphalt overlay on W. Hawthorn St and W. Grape street when coming or leaning San Diego international Airport Lindbergh Field. 

A newly established road service request phone line is for citizens to request roadside and road repairs.  A toll free phone number for San Diego County and unincorporated area road service request can be found at:

For emergency repairs and service request within city limits contact that city directly here .

Still, there are some road problems to be repaired and fixed, and drivers should be aware of possible damage to tire sidewalls or wheels if accidentally ran over severe objects on the roads or highways. To request 24 hour roadside service in San Diego you can call 24 7 Lockout Roadside Assistance at (619) 800-1811. Prompt and reliable service providers are available to help you with unfortunate events on the road. Car unlocking in greater San Diego Area and minor roadside assistance are available to residents and visitors.

San Diego County Road service request