24 hour Locksmith San Diego

24 Hour Auto Locksmith San Diego. How to get keys out of locked car.

People lock car keys inside the car everyday. This, absent minded, accident can happen to anyone. Sometimes it is the habit to push lock button on inside and shut the door gets you in this predicament other times you lay car keys in the trunk with other items and shut the lid only to realize that the car doors are still locked.

If you in need of emergency car lockout service call your local San Diego 24 hour Locksmith for help. Here are a few tips what not to do when you need your car door unlocked.

Don’t break door glass. 

There can be only one justification to shatter cars window to gain access. If you have an infant locked inside the car on a hot day, YES break the window. Some people would do it for their 4 legged family member too.

It is always less expensive to call roadside assistance, compared to replace broken glass.

 Don’t let “buddy” with slim jim help you out

Slim Jim lockout tool – a flat metal strip with various cutouts on the end. This tool should never be used to unlock late model vehicles even 1990 is too new for this gadget. When used by amateur, this tool can disconnect lock linkages or damage wiring inside the door.

 Get exact price over the phone. 

When calling for service to get your car unlocked, always get the exact price quote over the phone. If person on the phone tells you their price depends on how complicated lockout will be, then you don’t want that kind of specialist to come out.

Good and honest provider knows exactly how he is going to unlock your vehicle and how long it takes. He will tell you set price up front.