Would you buy Hybrid or Plugin Car?

Post date: Apr 20, 2016 5:18:25 PM

Future of the electric vehicles

Prius Hybrid energy display

We are living in the future where cars drive without sound, parallel park themselves and even change lanes or apply brakes when needed without driver input.

Most vehicle manufacturers have models with top of the line features like park assist, parking sensors and accident warning features. One of the features that is not so easy to advance is to fundamentally change vehicle propulsion mechanism and the fuel being used.

Since very beginning of the pursuit to develop alternative fuel engine began there were many ideas and many prototypes. Hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas engine and combination of multiple types like electric and gasoline. More and more car manufacturers are working on models that can drive at least some distance without producing any harmful fumes. Electric plugin and hybrid vehicles becoming more popular because of environmental factors.

At this moment Tesla Motors is leading the way in full electric vehicle progress. Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf has shorter, but still decent all electric driving range.

tesla model x and model s comparison next to each other

 Premium EV Cars Will Not Save You On Gas

When you add the cost of electric vehicle and savings from spending less on gas, there is no way you can make economical sense to buy electric car.

Electric vehicle savings?

To save money on gas, you are better off to buy a 6-10 year old used hybrid car versus a new electric vehicle or plug in hybrid. Sign up for auto club membership for roadside assistance coverage and your are "golden". This brings us to the conclusion - when do people chose to purchase a electric vehicle, a part of their decision is influenced by a consideration about climate change and promoting new ways of thinking. Besides all that to drive electric car is something exciting and cool.

Until the fuel price stays below $5 for a gallon of gas, electric vehicles remains a niche cars.