Cars With Smart Key / Wireless Key Security

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Vehicles equipped with Smart key or Wireless key

 Newest technology in vehicle security systems and comfort includes wireless key also known as smart key. This new technology can be found in many 2004 and newer car. Smart key is a secure and also convenient way to lock, unlock and start the vehicle. Most of the vehicles wireless key technology does not have ignition switch and that makes vehicle harder to steal and more secure.

Smart Key prevents to lock keys inside by accident

One never needs to use wireless fob to push unlock button to unlock a vehicle. Instead there are small antennas located around the vehicle that received signal from key fob when it is close to the car. Smart key antennas are located inside door handles, behind rear bumper and according to the location of the key on the outside of the vehicle security system know which door needs to be unlocked and open.

To unlock a vehicle equipped with smart key system all you have to do is have a key in your pocket and pull a door handle and car will unlock. To start the vehicle there is usually a power / start button instead of regular ignition switch. Press the brake pedal and push to start. If the smart key is in range of the vehicle the car will start.

Smart Key Stays In Your Pocked

This is totally different level of convenience you don’t have to search for your keys in your pocket or in your purse.

Another advantage of the smart key is, that key can not be locked inside the vehicle. If you try to lock your car and they is located inside the car, it will give an audible warning and will not lock. Still some people manage to get locked out of their vehicle even with wireless key. If you manually push the lock button on the inside of the door and leave, the smart key system will not engage and let you lock the key inside the car.  

Roadside assistance in San Diego can unlock your vehicle and help you retrieve your smart key, with latest industry equipment and fast response time in all San Diego County please call 619-800-1811 any time.

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